Please click on the above icon to read our research at the forum. Please conduct your own personal research before believing what anybody says about anything.

By the way, if anyone happens to come upon an article written at claiming to have gotten the following picture from my site:


It is NOT from this site. That is a PID piece, and I do not agree with what they are presenting, as you will see if you take enough time to read and comprehend what is presented at the forum, and then proceed to discover all of this on your own.

The careful reader will also notice that nowhere on my site do I claim to have "blown the lid off the biggest conspiracy of the 21st century", as claimed in this spurious article.

There have been other "hatchet job" articles written about us as well, claiming we've said things we haven't, and posted pictures we haven't. That's what kind of a world we're in, folks, which I've found out all too well while doing this research in trying to help humanity.