Clones, Giants, Cannibals - Interview with Steve Quayle

Clones, Giants, Cannibals - Interview with Steve Quayle

Postby Dorie Celestia » May 27th, 2012, 4:03 am

This is from an interview with Steve Quayle:

Earth Changes
Stan Deyo and Steve Quayle
Coast to Coast AM - Host John B. Wells
May 12, 2012

Steve: ..... so, what's happening before our eyes -- when I wrote the book Genetic Armageddon everybody laughed -- but it's almost as I write the book -- and these were the problems -- I wouldn't be allowed to tell it 'too' far in advance, but as I would tell it, it would unfold. So, what I'm saying is, no one else was talking about genetic armageddon/ transhumanism, to that level and to tying it all together...

The 2012 thing, it's not the end of the world now; it's the start of a new cycle.... the book of Job specifically mentions the "gentle influence of Pleiades". It talks about Arcturus and his two sons, and the very things we're dealing with now, the planetary upheaval.... we're seeing now the human genome being tampered with to such an extent. When I was on with George talking about the super-soldier program, you can't go on and skip an article where they're trying to enhance human soldiers; where they're taking salamander blood and are trying to figure out how to regenerate limbs.

I tell people human cloning is so far in advance, that within 9 months they can pretty much accelerate human cloning. People don't want to believe that. Well, see, I can't be responsible for what people don't believe, I'm just saying that's why you see so many different manifestations of different people. Why there were multiple George Bushes, just as there are multiple Obamas. See, to a person who isn't familiar, this stuff is hard to take. I understand that. But just as Solomon who wrote "there's nothing new under the sun; that which will be has already been". All of the ancient civilizations that I've studied for 40 years - tens of thousands of pages of research - it all comes down to this. When God said "time is up" for Atlantis, Lemuria, Mur, Hyperboria, Shambala - there was always that linkage between the giants and the human tampering of combining animal and human DNA.

I want to share one last thing, and then I'll turn it over to Stan, the whole word "zombies" is the Illuminist buzzword - that's why zombies come out from the CDC - Centers for Disease Control - and others . They're calling forth the damned (spelled) is the pdf that's on my website. Go to - I would encourage everybody because that's how the elite see you. It's fascinating because zombies are flesh-eating creatures that are dead, and then they become re-animated, and when they're re-animated, it's done by specific chemicals that turn them into flesh-eaters. Well see, that's the whole thing. You are what you eat, and so what I'm trying to say is the entire human genome is being tampered with to turn us into a bunch of "its"..., and that's what's scary to me. And famine is going to be used to starve people into submission.

You know, Holly (Deyo) wrote a book called Dare to Prepare - and when people ask me "What can we do?" - I just got an email, John, and what we can do starts with preparing. By the way, I want to make something clear. I have friends who are Russians. I have no hatred for the Russians; none whatsoever. None! What I'm trying to tell people is that their leaders are doing the same thing to their troups as our leaders - and my guess is they're bosom buddies - are doing to our troups. I just wanted to clear that up. But, given where we're at in time, the best thing people can do to prepare is this. FDR made a statement, he said, "The control of food" - and food is as much a weapon is, I think he said 'tanks and planes', okay?

So, we're being told that there's going to be a biological release. Now we've got Ebola. There's going to be a super-plague released. A super-plague has absolutely components that will change the appetite. The word 'zombie' is used so much now, even on mainstream TV. It should've been a heads-up to everybody. Why would they be talking about a "science fiction/ fact" and be doing it so jokingly? Well, it's not a joke. You and I are considered zombies to them. The elite plan to hang out in their secret bunkers in the high hills, and wait for all of us to kill each other, or eat us all. And I'm not kidding about that. Cannibalism is the order of the day; that's what's on the menu, and the point is it's happening right before our eyes....

So the answer is this. People have to first of all recognize food will be a weapon. So when people say to me "What's the very first thing?" They've got to make sure they've got food... Food will be the control mechanism that's used. When Doug Hagman asked the DHS guy, "How are you going to get all these people to go into camps?", the guy said, "By offering them food. When they're hungry, they'll do anything for food.
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Re: Clones, Giants, Cannibals - Interview with Steve Quayle

Postby crystalcave » June 30th, 2012, 5:40 am

Exactly. The lack of food is their biggest weapon against us.

I don't know what is going on down in the States, but up here in Canada, the governement has brought in policies that I can see right through. I've always held the notion that OUR biggest weapon against TPTB is a General Strike. This is why the French gov't is scared of it's citizens because they know how to strike properly. In Canada today it would take a lot for a General Strike.

However, when I heard the news that the wheat farmers in the prairies no longer can grow "heritage" seeds by law and must grow seeds from Monstanto (for yield increases and bug reductions) I understood that they have us by the balls now and can starve us to submission, if and when we close down the cities. We are planting wheat that cannot re-seed itself. Nonsense!

And this last year the federal gov't has ignored the law pertaining to the Canadian Wheat Board from 1935 and deregulated it in a way that is unlawful - but they don't care, try to stop them. The CWB was founded during the Great Depression and who remembers what, when? Such incredible hubris and everone takes it like it the price of doing business in the modern world.

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